If you notice unexplainable, constantly wet areas, water leaking, squirting or bubbling from your lawn or a higher than normal water bill, contact Rainman Irrigation ASAP. If your sprinkler system is malfunctioning, running or acting erratically after an electrical storm - call us! You may have sustained LIGHTNING DAMAGE to the system.

Rainman Irrigation

Service, Repair, Installation

Valve repair, sprinkler head replacement, control box replacement. All systems, including hydraulic.

Rainman Irrigation

Add-Ons, Relocation, Rehab

Need watering in a new area of landscape or bushes and trees being damaged by improperly installed systems? Rainman Irrigation can move heads and add on to existing systems.

Rainman Irrigation

Spring Start-Up & Winterization

Rainman can winterize your sprinkler system and perform your start-up program with NO CONTRACT REQUIRED.

Rainman Irrigation

Troubleshooting & Education

Rainman can help you to program and operate your system in a water efficient manner saving you money and saving your landscape.

Rainman Irrigation

Water Conservation

Rainman will install a rain sensor, wired and wireless as required by Georgia Code Section 12-5-6.


  • Controllers
  • Sprinkler Heads (Turf Rotors, Misters, Micro Misters)
  • Zone Valves
  • Wireless Rain Sensors
  • Drip lines
  • Tree Bubblers
  • Backflow Preventers
  • Isolation Valves
  • Wire Tracking: With the aid of sophisticated equipment, we can locate underground valves & severed electrical lines
Rainman Irrigation

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor low voltage lighting not only adds drama to your landscape, but increases the safety of walkways, paths and driveways. Lighting can add that finishing touch to your yard and add security for peace of mind. We specialize in design, installation & repair.

Rainman Irrigation