Lifetime Warranty

The Fine Print

Rainman Irrigation, Inc. guarantees the quality of workmanship for as long as you own your home.  If an installed part of repair fails due to workmanship or manufacturers’ anomalies, we will replace it at no cost.  Please note, exceptions to this include: “Acts of God” or nature (adverse weather such as broken tree limbs, lightning, etc), root damage, ground settling, power surges, abuse, debris, damages caused by another person or party, animals, insects, vandalism, landscaping damage or damage that has been caused by construction equipment or motor vehicles.  Any replacement of parts, repair, or modification by a third party, not performed to industry standards, can also void the warranty.  Improper or lack of winterization to a Rainman installed system that results in freeze or pressure damage is not covered by the Lifetime Warranty.  Due to potential contamination we cannot warranty valves or heads connected to a well or pump system.  We must have a signed quote (contract) before starting any new installation.

Note: Toro & Irritrol valves if rebuilt (topped out) carry a 1 Year Warranty.  If the entire valve is replaced, Irritrol valves carry a 5 Year Warranty, and Toro valves a 2 Year Warranty from the manufacturer.

Non-payment past 90 days, unless pre-arranged, will also void the warranty.

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